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5 layering tips from the founder of KUIU - posted 5 years ago

I must admit, I wore everything without much thought. Since moving to Kuiu I've become a disciple. It is simply the most thought thru, well constructed gear I've ever bought. It is worth every penny. Now, if only we can get a merino hoodie from them. I still wear my Sitka hoodie, though I've been freezing in it.

The quarter century wait - posted 5 years ago

You guys celebrate the fact of little wilderness areas?!

Ugh, I've seen enough of this website. From what I've read into it easy, I read Yamaha Rhino and I see zero hunting. Gross. Let's get an article on a real hunt. Don't bother. I'm done.

Wireless in the wilderness and why you need to - posted 5 years ago

You missed the least-expensive alternative. Amateur radio. A technician license is not expensive and there's no requirement for morse code. New 5w handhelds out of China are very inexpensive and reliable. In Western States with a good repeater system you can get out almost anywhere and reach someone. Also great to use MURS instead of those horribly cheap Motorola/Midland radios sold at Cabela's and other stores that advertise great distance but never deliver. A license is good for 10 years and covers simple electrical theory.