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Elizabeth B.

A massive black bear that was worth the wait - posted 4 years ago

William D., I just saw your latest uneducated, ignorant post.

Your first ignorant assumption was that I'm white.

That's funny, what tribe are you?

Incidentally I happen to be Native, but thanks for your extreme disrespect to another Native person, I am not by any means a "great white hunter" but you definitely are a great white ass.

So are you sure your tribe didn't use dogs to hunt?
A few tribes didn't but many, including mine did, we were using dogs to catch animals for meat and fur long before the 'white man' came to this continent, so don't give me your ignorant noble savage generic 'American Indian' bullshit, save that for all your New Ager friends.

Your second ignorant assumption is that I guide hunts or somehow make money off of my dogs
I do neither. I don't breed dogs to sell and I don't guide.
I work a regular job (actually managing natural resources) so that I can afford to take care of my dogs and take them hunting, they make me no money but they sure like to help me spend it. My hunts are between myself, my dogs and the quarry we pursue, I would rather drive bamboo under my nails than guide a dude on a hunt.

Your third ignorant assumption is that I don't eat what I kill.
Well if you had actually read what I wrote you would have seen that I don't kill much, I don't care for killing but on occasion I do and when I do both the meat and the hide are used.

So there is your education about me.
I think you are the one that actually needs to educate yourself not only on the subject of hunting with dogs but also on tribes outside of your own, if you are indeed even a member of one.

I'd quote what Dennis B. said but you know, I'll try to keep it civil...Good Day!

Elizabeth B.

A massive black bear that was worth the wait - posted 4 years ago

William D, well that's great you have an opinion, living in this country we're certainly entitled to one.

However if you do have an opinion that you'd like to share you should at least have an educated one.

We hound people don't hunt with dogs to pull triggers, we don't hunt for a kill, if we wanted to hunt 'easy' we would just go out and drive and walk around for a few weeks out of a year, hoping to see one like most people do, then after that we'd be done.
Instead we enjoy dogs, we enjoy raising them and watching them develop from the tit to the grave, we get up every day, 365 days a year to feed, water, exercise, hunt, drive to the vet and whatever else they need done.
We enjoy, appreciate and respect the apex predators we pursue and we don't need to kill one to have a successful day out.
I would just as soon shoot with a camera than take a life, the dogs are pleased either way and so am I.
In fact I don't even hunt without dogs, it doesn't interest me, I don't enjoy killing and I find other forms of hunting (with the exception of falconry) to be extremely boring.
But, despite that fact, I support other forms of hunting and don't speak disparagingly even if I would never choose to personally participate in them.