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Grand Canyon tries to capture excess bison - posted 2 weeks ago

I agree hunters will to this effectively and are willing to buy licenses. Open it up.

NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 2 weeks ago

Jason D thanks for that link...

NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 2 weeks ago

Makes me nauseous thinking about this, CommieRADO will do this that I am confident in. They have all lost their minds. The big question is will transgender restrooms be on the ballot with this? No hope.

New study looks at how gas pads hinder food source - posted 2 weeks ago

Oil/Gas extraction may have a impact. In fact it’s undeniable it has some impact, it has to. Everything has a impact. In my opinion energy companies are the biggest scapegoats in the west. The the number one biggest threat to habitat out west. My home state of Wyoming in particular. Is without a doubt overgrazing on public lands. Summer range to winter range. It is sickening. Domestic sheep and cattle are the number 1 threat to habitat. There are many places in Wyoming where we’ll head dot the hillsides as far as the eye can see but there are many more where a single location cannot be seen for miles! The one common denominator being overgrazing across all landscapes. Stream bed destabilization, lack of riparian areas, critical shrubs and forbs so overgrazed the are almost unrecognizable, diseases... the list goes on and on. It’s disgusting!

How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 1 month ago

I leave Wyoming for Nevada Mule deer hunt tomorrow. I bet I don’t have 100 bucks into food, I apply already so just a $240 deer tag, a couple hundred in gas and that’s it. I am way below 1000 bucks into this. I do it a couple times a year out west. I use my backpacking gear whether it’s a true back pack hunt or not. I drive my small Toyota pickup it all keeps cost down. I do my own euros and cut my own meat. It all keeps costs down, so I can do more hunts. The little things add up. Sleeping in a hotel on the way. Having meat cut and wrapped professionally. Dragging side by sides or other ATVs. Pulling big campers. Terry your spot on with Taxidermy costs! My sheep mount last year was more than my diy hunt! And the deer hunt mentioned above is equal to a quality shoulder mount!