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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 week ago

Thanks Rob S. I will check it out and pass it on appreciate it.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

Would be really nice to be inline with other states on this! But..... the Wyoming guides and outfitters association actually runs our state government, this bill won’t see the light of day! They are good and bad for the “DIY” nonresident ultimately they will fight for your higher than average quota allotment, they will also never allow the wilderness law to change pick you poison. If I didn’t live here I’d rather have Wilderness access and less tags then more tags and no wilderness access. I will be putting pressure on my elected officials in my state in favor of this bill!

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 2 months ago

People without points hate point systems that’s for sure... as a Wyoming resident we don’t have points for Deer, elk, and antelope. I haven’t drawn a area 7 elk tag in 17 consecutive years that unit averages around 25-30% odds for residents, I also haven’t drawn a 1st choice antelope tag in 9 years in units with 50% odds!!!! No points doesn’t fix anything! I will likely draw my first bighorn tag in Wyoming(with points) before I draw my first limited quota elk tag in Wyoming with out points.

WY governor works to safeguard important migration corridors - posted 3 months ago

Our Governor is on our side however, our legislators are not, they are the enemy! Ranchers lead blindly by the cattleman's association and Wyoming guides and outfitter association. Hunters and Anglers in Wyoming need to look deeper into who they vote for. Scanning through the ballot for an (R) and looking for political ads brandishing cowboys hats, carharts, and horses is getting us no where.

Court upholds decision to remove protections from Oregon wolves - posted 3 months ago

Cascadia Wildlands, I bet they don’t stink or have greasy hair. Pussies.