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2020 Mathews VXR Bow Review - posted 4 days ago

Can’t wait! Love my Vertix that switchewight technology is amazing!

Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 week ago

A Reservation in the Southwest I believe Navajo Nation was going to have hunt recently to reduce numbers and damage to habitat. The cowards came out of the wood works and it was canceled immediately there after. If they don’t want allow something reasonable, won’t except anything reasonable. Than I say complete removal is the only option. Pheasants thrive in habitat that has all but been destroyed by agricultural development I have never heard of any real conservation concerns, but if they are remaking havoc on a native species I would support there removal. Damage caused by wild horses IS unbelievable. That cannot be argued no matter how pretty they are or how much they make you tingle. Every horse running wild equals less mule deer or elk, taken from hunters. It’s taking money out of the pocket of ranchers that pay to graze there. Albeit they pay very little they still pay. The economic benefit of horses especially large numbers will never overcome the deficit they run up for the land management agency. It’s no wonder the BLM is constantly accused of incompetence, all they do is combat fires and round pretty ponies! I can’t even believe someone would support the destruction of fragile western lands, all for a chance to see a horse. Go to a equine show or a real rodeo... cowboy!

Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 week ago

Gun them from the air and feed the coyotes, they are a drain on resources and budgets. They don’t belong.

British Columbia town uses immuno-contraception to control blacktail deer population - posted 4 weeks ago

The lefties sure hate the unborn, not just humans either apparently...

Washington governor wants fewer wolves killed - posted 1 month ago

I bet he’s not from the Western Washington, definitely not from the Seattle area. Lol I hate that place wish the left coast would slip into the ocean...