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Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 8 months ago

I would just like to know, why now? Idaho was selling out the non-resident tags before the recession hit and this didn't happen. I wonder if the numbers bear this out or what was the driving factor for the change. I spoke with IDF&G rep at sheep show and he said there were some changes coming including one to the late whitetail hunt in northern Idaho. He said there wasn't any real science for the change but that people were complaining "there's too many people here now" even though the statistics they have didn't bear that out. That the northern Idaho people were complaining about all the non-locals who were doing the hunt now and that most of them weren't really non-residents but rather southern Idaho residents which means they're still not locals to the locals.

It feels like across the nation everyone is becoming more close minded to a degree and "wants what's theirs". As in if I live here these are my deer and my elk. Doesn't matter what state I hear it all the time.

It will be curious to see what the tipping point is for people who travel to hunt. Obviously MT has a very hi license fee but they just started selling those out in the past 2 years. States all across the west are growing the fastest (Idaho, Utah, Colorado among the fastest growing in the last decade) increasing the number of resident tags sold and likely meaning non-resident tag numbers will continue to get squeezed or prices bumped. If there is another recession or the economy takes a hit then the states that depend on non-resident tag sales may suffer.

This change will likely significantly impact where I include Idaho in my algorithm. I have told IDF&F that I love the fact they are a straight up lottery that only allows entry into one trophy game species lottery. It levels the field and creates some of the best odds in the west. States that use preference points feel like a money grab and government sponsored pyramid scheme to be able to hunt a nicer unit. However, now the capped units will likely sell out quick meaning I won't be able to wait to see if I draw one of the limited entry permits. I'm not going to pay the license fee to play their lottery and then get stuck in some sub-par wolf ravaged unit like Lolo, or a place with the terrible bull:cow ratios.

How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 9 months ago

Another point to consider for this article is travel logistics for east coasters.

We drive sometimes but sometimes have to fly. Headed back to Idaho this year. Last year we drove but this year are flying because of work commitments and to avoid the extra PO’d wife time.

Best case scenario the two of us tag out we are checking coolers and shipping gear home. Checking three coolers and stuffing our carry ons with meat should allow us to get most all of it home. Another option i just learned of is the site where u get get bids on what you would have to ship.

I specifically chose the MR Pintler as my pack because it’s small enough that they’ll almost always allow me to use it as my carry on and avoid checking my pack. But i can still get 4-5 days out of it and more if I use meat shelf for food or other gear on the way in.

Fixed blade vs. expandable blade broadheads... which is right for you? - posted 1 year ago

Some of the strategy with choice also has to do with hunting environment. When I hunt out west there's typically loads of space to track, better ground to trail blood. A fixed blade with better penetration on larger game makes sense and those other elements fall in favor of using that fixed blade.

Where I hunt on the east coast tracts for whitetails are often small, hunting for sika deer means more standing water than dry ground. For those reasons and the fact I'm liable to get an entry and exit on those smaller animals I'm shooting a mechanical with a bigger cutting diameter all day long. I want them down before they head onto a neighbors property I don't have permission to track on or lose the blood trail in the water.

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 1 year ago

It’s only going to get worse. Shows me again and again why I live Idaho. A fair chance for everyone at a quality tag mixed with opportunity for everyone. And they do it right when they don’t allow you to apply for trophy species and elk/deer. I tell their reps every chance I get, “Please don’t change.” I would like to see when some state hits the tipping point and nails on the PP system.

Here’s a good gohunt article: “How did we get here?” Just a history of the evolution of these systems. There’s supposedly less hunters (nationwide) than ever. Are people just traveling more. Or going to multiple states in a year increasing tag demand?

Wyoming Elk Unit 27 - posted 1 year ago

If anyone has hunted this unit and is willing to give a hunt re-cap I'd appreciate it. I should be able to draw this unit this coming year (hard to believe WY elk draw is around the corner). I'm debating this unit vs 41. I am sharing some points with friends and we'll all be at 4+ so we're trying to pin down a unit. We arent really into score but want a good hunt with the chance at a 5 or 6 point.