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Appeal challenges restoring Yellowstone grizzly protections - posted 4 months ago

Please stop calling anti hunting organizations "wildlife organizations." That implies that they do something good for wildlife.

New Mexico Big Game Unit 48 - posted 1 year ago

Are the elk mostly on private land in the winter range during the late rifle season? Thank you!

Idaho Big Game Unit 37A - posted 1 year ago

The November mule deer muzzleloader hunt doesn't show up in some of the other units, such as unit 21? Is it correct that it is valid in units 21, 21a, 28, 29, 30, 30a, 36a, 36b?

New Mexico Big Game Unit 25 - posted 1 year ago

Guessing it’s a typo but It shows Mule deer 60”-70.”

Senate lifts hunting restrictions on Alaska wildlife refuges - posted 2 years ago

Steve L.
That's what I was thinking, no where in the legislation does it say "shooting cubs and pups in their den."