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Craig S.

The trending social media hunting blitz - posted 1 year ago


I read his message & don't believe we are on the same page.

All I see is him complaining about not being able to find big bucks & making excuses. I very rarely see any guided hunter shooting 170+ bucks on the OTC hunts in Arizona. I see a few big strip deer & Kaibab archery deer taken but a killer local DIY hunter is way more effective than most guided clients. Yes there are some big deer taken on the strip & kaibab rifle hunts by guided clients but not everyone kills those type of bucks. It's just the truth...

Many people don't need to hire a guide, but some do & some choose too (free market). Most choose to go DIY because they are local hunters. That's awesome!

You guys have a good hunting season.

Craig S.

The battle between guides vs. DIY hunters - posted 1 year ago

The article wasn't coming from a place of is DIY or Guided better, it was simply was meant to separate out these titles & show the true character of people are not defined by some egotistical title.

Hell yes you should be proud of accomplishing any goal on your own! If you build a house on your own, you should be proud. If you dig a water well on your own you should be proud. If you grow your own grains, fruits & vegetables you should be freaking proud, but I bet you don't do all of those DIY???

Hunter you are talking about Trophy Hunting aka selective hunting. Selective hunting takes time & money, some have more money than time. Usually DIY guys have more time than money (I know because I have been one all my life).

The guiding industry does suck some of the top end up but that is just the nature of a FREE market (capitalism). It does suck sometimes & it does occasionally feel like animals are being pimped out, but that would happen even if you took the money out of it. You would simply have more guides hunting for themselves & probably killing even more big stuff.

I am all for DIY hunters, but I like the one's that have grit. The ones that don't make excuses or point fingers as to why they are successful. The ones that can really grind it out & YES, the ones that are GOOD people too.

Craig Steele

Craig S.

How to preserve velvet antlers in the field - posted 1 year ago

Great article Brady!

Craig S.

The trending social media hunting blitz - posted 1 year ago

Hunter, I guide for money & because I love the hunting process. I DIY hunt because my own ego wants to accomplish the challenge without help. Ego in hunting isn't just held to one's title or name, it floats across all genres of hunters.

As a guide & diy hunter, your points are valid but many are filled with excuses as to why you can't accomplish your own goals. I get your feeling but perhaps you should adjust your mindset & do some self reflecting as to "why you hunt?"

Truthfully, there is a very small market of hunters being guided as compared to guys going DIY. There is an increasing number of guides, but that market of hunters who value time & don't look at hunting exactly like you are a very small percentage. It only appears as though everyone is being guided because you see more guided content vs diy hunters because they are trying to market (although some do a poor job) their services.

Look in the mirror & truly ask yourself why you hunt? Be fucking honest... EGO is there, even in DIY.

Craig S.

2nd largest Arizona raffle tag bighorn ever taken - posted 1 year ago

In response to Hunter from the outside the inside always looks different. You have know idea the context of the hunt & Frank's character with photos.

As guides we have to take pictures for marketing & that's just the truth; it's capitalism at it's best & some ego.