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Wandee K.

Colorado introduces controversial big game bill - posted 1 year ago

This mess is all caused by Governer Hickenlooper merging State Parks, a bankrupt institution, with Colorado Division of Wildlife, a successful, self-sustaining organization. All those hippocite anti-hunters and so called "widlife lovers" had their chance with state parks and that program went bankrupt. They didn't want to pay to protect it then, and the only solution was to piggy back off hunters' and anglers' dollars from the DOW. They should be ashamed! They are repeating a failed program they tried in the 1970s!

As far as trophy hunting, do they think the hunters waste the meat? Don't meat hunters typically look for the most mature animals to take? I've never known a meat hunter to pass on a large 6x6. Does that mean they're any less or more a trophy hunter? These antis are so disconnected from nature and reality that they cannot understand basic conservation principles. Such a waste when they could be part of the solution.

Wandee K.

Remington to file for bankruptcy - posted 2 years ago

Stricter gun control? The media loves to spin this the wrong way. The reason they went upside down is they had 8 years of fantastic sales that were out of control and well above the norm. Obama was the greatest gun salesman ever. When Trump got elected, the fear of stricter gun control went away and so did the panic purchases. The leaders at Remington should have known the tide would eventually change, and should have reduced inventory levels and overhead prior to the election. Instead, my guess is they went on a spending spree to build as much as possible.

Wandee K.

Busted: Four poachers face fines and jail time - posted 3 years ago

Nope. The punishment is too lenient. As usual, punishment for wildlife crimes are not severe enough for those who truly commit heinous acts.

Wandee K.

Updates on the 230” Wyoming mule deer poaching case - posted 3 years ago

Thanks for the article. You are correct and he should have his licenses temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the case.