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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Arizona Elk - posted 1 day ago

Great write up with lots of info. One thing I would like to correct you on however is the loyalty point. You will receive a loyalty point after applying for 5 consecutive years. You will keep that point, but if you miss a year than you will lose the loyalty point & have start over
& apply another 5 consecutive years before you can earn it again.

How to pick apart the Arizona terrain for deer - posted 1 month ago

I like to carry 10 x 42s around my neck, 15 x 56s & spotter in my pack. When I get to a spot where I want to glass I scan the area with the 10s first than set up the tripod with 15s. I find myself more & more leaving the spotting scope behind due to weight. The 15s usually have enough magnification to see what I want. I do still carry the spotter now & than.
Great article thanks!

DESERT ISLANDS - An Arizona OTC bowhunt for deer and javelina - posted 1 month ago

Great video! Love hunting Az in January for Javis & mule deer!!!

Pro hunter Larysa Switlyk under fire for legally killing wild goat - posted 2 months ago

Hunters are constantly under fire! I don't understand WHY pictures are posted over social media all the time! If you want to share with friends in the hunting community thats great, but blasting pictures over social media is what is going to destroy hunting for us. The antiis are looking for any reason to end hunting , and this is just fuel for their cause IMO.

Oregon offers new incentive to catch poachers - posted 3 months ago

i think this is a great idea!! I hope other states will start some incentive program like this if they haven't already