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Idaho Moose Unit 67-1 - posted 2 years ago

I have a yahoo email. Jamesyoung just add 38 before the @. Hopefully that's simple enough but yet cryptic enough for the data crawlers.

Idaho Moose Unit 67-1 - posted 2 years ago

Dustin, I pulled the tag this year. Would love to hear about your experience last year if you'd like to share.

Systematic attacks on black bear hunting in California - posted 2 years ago

"How can we as sportsmen affect change? " Many of us need to check the emotion at the door when communicating. Too often we are just as emotional as others. We need to stop with the terms libtards, bunny huggers, etc. etc. I get that yes, most anti-hunters may be left of center on a political scale, but so is a majority of that 80% that doesn't hunt but approves of it. We can't let our emotions toward anti-hunters negatively effect those that we are trying to win over.

Stick with items that connect, food, science/regulation and conservation dollars. Many who don't hunt don't understand how it is regulated. These items will connect if we communicate them effectively. Items like heritage, do not....while we understand and respect it, it is not the best for us to communicate.

Police your friends and hunting buddies, it will take all of us on a concerted effort to communicate non-emotionally, effectively and concisely.

The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 2 years ago

Shot in the dark guess, but I'm figuring he's referring to the classic picture of a hunter hoisting up a dead cat like he/she is a toddler holding a pet kitty. To me, that picture does us an incredible disservice to hunters as a whole. Primarily because the non-hunting public does not understand predator hunting as a whole, and it is an incredibly valuable tool anti-hunters use against us. If we put more effort into communicating what and how we do it, as opposed to taking a trophy shot for our buddies we could be more effective.

The political spiral of mountain lions in California - posted 2 years ago

Ryan W.

Under depredation permits, which is the use of hired hunters, as well as land/livestock owner just under 100 lions have been killed each year for the past 8 or so years. The take has decreased in recent years, which is interesting when paralleled the the science that says when dominant toms are not killed, they will control the population. However, this is correlation, not causation...but an interesting parallel.

Here are the stats from the department.

If you want to look back at the history of how many lions have been killed by humans in CA take a look at the link below. This coming from a very pro-cat group, and if reported with a bias, it would be to the upside. It highlights that there was a long span for which we were not killing lions at all.

You are correct to point out though that we still do kill cats after the ban, it is a bit of a surprise to many.

Another interesting point is that there was $30M allocated for habitat funding as a result of the ban, this ultimately is a good thing and something us hunters don't reference too much. That spending is coming up for expiration in 2021 so it will be very interesting to see where what happens. If we lose the funding, and can't hunt, then it is lose lose.