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Jeremiah R.

Wyoming Deer Unit 87 - posted 1 month ago

We will see what this year has to offer. 087-1 successful.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming considers general season elk hunt - posted 3 months ago

From what I understand Cow/Calf Bison tags have been dropped because the herd is at objective and not over objective anymore. It might be like this for a couple of years.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming biologists forecast probable winter kill - posted 5 months ago

SW Wyoming

I wouldn't worry about this year and hunting in Wyoming if you are looking for a pronghorn buck. The biggest hit, I have seen in the area has been the antelope fawns. The pronghorn bucks look like they will be fine. The problem of this winter will really be felt in 2-4 years as so many fawns are looking unhealthy or have passed away. If the Doe/Fawn tags are reduced, it may be a wash moving forward.

Deer are interesting. They went into the winter is really good shape. Deer that didn't migrate in time, are probably gone. The deer that did migrate should be in ok shape heading into the spring. I would still pull the trigger on region G or a max point LQ hunt if I was a NR.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming Elk Unit 98 - posted 6 months ago

There are wolves. Very few Grizzlies in the area, if any. The northern portion of the area probably is a bit more likely to have Griz, but it is the southern portion of the overall known range of the bears.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming Elk Unit 98 - posted 7 months ago

The wilderness is in the wind river range. I would get a GPS with a chip just to make sure you know where you are at.

With snowfall the last week of the type 1 season can be great.