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Jeremiah R.

Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 87 - posted 1 month ago

I hunted this area this year and a here are a few key points from what I learned. If you are going to take a trailer over seminoe dam to the miracle mile, then have a trailer brake. I followed someone in that had a big toy hauler and the road going down into Morgan has a few sharp turns. If you have a big toy hauler and decide to camp on the mile, then I would recommend going through Alcova and not over the mountain. If it were me, I would just camp at Seminoe. Access is tricky in the sage flats, because you do not know who owns the road. Private roads are off limits and the main road on the west side ends at a ranch. If you are going to travel to the Ferris mountains from the Miracle mile, then you will have to do it via four wheeler on weaving between the private and public on two tracks. If you are hunting the morgan creek area, then you do not need a four wheeler. If you are hunting the flats, then you will need one. Most of the Ferris mountains is roadless, so there is no four wheeler needed. The Seminoe mountains are steep, but really not to bad to climb. The Ferris mountains are straight up and down, which is why I decided to hunt the Seminoe side. I saw a ton of deer including one massive buck in September while scouting between hunting antelope, so bow hunting would be a good time if that is your cup of tea. There are a lot of wide 3x3's in this unit. I ended up with a respectable 25" 4x4. The fish and game officer recommended to hunt this unit at the last week of the season, but I would jump at any chance to go up there if there was snow on the ground. Overall, it is a great hunt. Not crowded at all unless you plan on fishing the Platte in October.

Jeremiah R.

Utah announces changes for 2018 season - posted 1 month ago

Utah is kind of facing an elk dilemma. The state is the 3rd fastest growing state in the US. The state wants to manage for trophy quality while providing opportunity for hunts. Someone will have to give at some point. This looks like a band aid on a tumor. Either Utah will have to open some the LE elk areas for general seasons or have bull elk as a OIL endeavor. I guess there will always be cow and spike hunting.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 87 - posted 6 months ago

We will see what this year has to offer. 087-1 successful.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming considers general season elk hunt - posted 9 months ago

From what I understand Cow/Calf Bison tags have been dropped because the herd is at objective and not over objective anymore. It might be like this for a couple of years.

Jeremiah R.

Wyoming biologists forecast probable winter kill - posted 11 months ago

SW Wyoming

I wouldn't worry about this year and hunting in Wyoming if you are looking for a pronghorn buck. The biggest hit, I have seen in the area has been the antelope fawns. The pronghorn bucks look like they will be fine. The problem of this winter will really be felt in 2-4 years as so many fawns are looking unhealthy or have passed away. If the Doe/Fawn tags are reduced, it may be a wash moving forward.

Deer are interesting. They went into the winter is really good shape. Deer that didn't migrate in time, are probably gone. The deer that did migrate should be in ok shape heading into the spring. I would still pull the trigger on region G or a max point LQ hunt if I was a NR.