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J R.

Watch out for antelope! - posted 5 months ago

I think there was a misstep on the environmental impacts of the migration on the location of the solar farm on HWY 372. It seems to have really messed up the migration patterns this year on the HWY.

J R.

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 1 year ago

Point creep is a mythical beast and an excuse for everyone that does not draw a tag. Go on any forum after a draw and you will find that people will be complaining about it as it is the reason they did not draw. People are sitting on the sidelines building points and then decide to put in, which isn't a bad thing. It allows them to contribute to wildlife monetarily while not hunting. People decide to switch units, which could be driven by magazines or social media. People switching units happens all of the time even in a random draw; but you cannot tell that to people that believe in a lottery. More people applying now then they ever have, there is so much information available online and people are overcoming their fear of coming out west to hunt. A decent solution to moving from the point system, would be have the point cost as the application fee and move the hunt to a lottery. Granted, this may price out some people in an era where hunter recruitment is vital.

J R.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 98 - posted 1 year ago

This is a really tough antelope unit. Not a ton of antelope, but a lot of good antelope habitat. You can put a lot of miles driving to find goats.

J R.

Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 87 - posted 1 year ago

Jeremy - 101 would be my choice. There are not a lot of deer, but there are some bruisers. 130 can be better, but can be a lot worse. 130 is great in years with early snowfall and is ok in years without early snowfall.

Ken - The best camp sites in my opinion are on the miracle mile on the north platte. Take the dirt road to the right before the bridge and getting a camp site with trees. You do not have to pay for these camp sites and they are more than adequate for your situation. It depends on where you are going to hunt. Getting to Ferris from Seminoe or the Miracle mile is tricky due to access restrictions. If you are hunting the seminoe side, then it is about 6's from Seminoe or the Miracle Mile to the Morgan Habitat Area. Tree Stand hunts in 87 are few and far in between. It is more of an open area. There is a potential for a good spot and stalk due to the animals coming down at night and going up in the morning after getting water. There is also a lot of topography that will allow you to hike around and get into a shooting position without being seen. You also may not have a lot of company, because there are not too many archers in the unit based on the previous years stats.