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Scott L.

Arizona javelina hunting opportunities - posted 5 months ago

I've got a unit 15 HAM tag for February. Very much looking forward to some time in the Music Mountains with my bow.

Scott L.

Arizona Big Game Unit 8 - posted 6 months ago


I've hunted this unit a couple of times. You can camp just about anywhere, so long as it's public land. With about 95% public land in this unit, that shouldn't be a problem finding it. Unit elevation fluctuates, but not that much. In my opinion, glassing opportunities are somewhat limited given the heavy forests. Water locations on onX are reliable for the most part, just plan on scouting for a couple of days to confirm them and find the ones that aren't frozen over. I was up there last month and it was COLD with about 4 inches of snow on the ground. The deer, in my opinion, are going to move South in the unit. When they will do it, you'll have to check with an AZGFD biologist.

Scott L.

Arizona Big Game Unit 12AW - posted 6 months ago

Took a very nice Bison this year in 12AW. Hide measured 42 square feet. All on public land, free range hunt. They are definitely there. And since you get only one Bison in your lifetime, I'm done. but I have a lot of meat in the freezer. the hunt is the fun part, just know it took me a good 7 hours to get that thing out, prepped and ready for the trip home.

Scott L.

Arizona Big Game Unit 8 - posted 10 months ago

I'll be up there during the Muzzleloader, Cow Elk hunt last of Sept. Any significant changes that anyone has noticed from previous years?

Scott L.

Arizona says “No change in trail cam use” - posted 1 year ago

Kristen, Very good article. As a resident of AZ, a hunter, and someone who uses trail cameras, I support the guidelines that are being proposed. At least in terms of utilization of cameras that connect via cellular and transmit activity.

Not one of my cameras is able to transmit information to my phone or computer. Therefore, it requires me to get out and scout to determine where game may be moving and simply utilize the photos to confirm my suspicions. I still have to spend a lot of time reading the signs and determining whether it may be productive for an upcoming hunt.

I am a little concerned about the restriction on water sources. I realize the regulation specifies "developed water sources". However, in light of the fact that AZGFD regulations clearly recommend finding a water source for hunting, this limitation seems to me a contradiction.

I use those water sources I've found while scouting as a starting point, and then try to back track the game to figure out where their going and what their movement patterns are. This is a time consuming process, but it's worth it. And frankly, think about it, a hunter hires a guide because they know the movement patterns and are able to direct their clients to a location that will give them the best chance at success.

Having a real time validation of game movement, via cameras that transmit their photos to your phone, is in my opinion putting the advantage to far in favor of the hunter. On the other hand, if you're out doing the work, reading the signs and placing cameras to find the game is simply a tool for us to use since we can't be out their all the time.