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New bill could make wolf hunting year-round in Idaho - posted 1 month ago

Donald L., wow, I don't even have words for you.

Jay M., very well stated.

Wolves confirmed in Colorado - posted 1 month ago

Also, Clutch, you completely misrepresented the whole point of that article, and the meetings it describes...

"...Wednesday’s was the third meeting in recent months hosted by a trio of hunting and trapping groups -- Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and the Idaho-based Foundation for Wildlife Management -- concerned that carnivores, and especially wolves, are depleting elk and deer in western Montana...."

"They’re calling on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to increase trapping opportunities and reimburse wolf trappers for their expenses in an effort to bring Montana’s wolf population down to 150 animals."

"Wednesday’s meeting drew more than 350 people. Many attendees, like Schenavar, say they’re not seeing elk and deer in the forests they grew up hunting and have come to distrust population estimates issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks."

So obviously, it's not just me...Sorry about getting a bit off topic here, since we're supposed to talking about CO...but I'm just saying look back at what has happened to other states with wolves, and it's clear the CO elk, deer, and moose populations are going to be decimated.

Wolves confirmed in Colorado - posted 1 month ago

Clutch...that's hilarious. So you think a report from Montana FWP is more reliable than the perspectives of the hunters who live here? You really believe there are as many elk in NW Montana as there were 30 years ago?! Baaaaahahahahaha! Oh man, thanks for the laugh buddy. And by the way, it's not just's everyone here. It's universally agreed upon that the elk hunting up here is terrible, in large part due to the wolves and griz. Nobody that hunts around here wants the wolves to be here. FWP, DNR, whatever you want to call them, in whatever state they come from...they are generally incompetent.

Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 1 month ago

I support any form of Griz hunting that will help re-instill some fear of man. Generations of griz have lived, never been hunted, and thus have no fear of humans. Start hunting them, they'll learn quick that they should fear man. Then, maybe the trickle down effect is they would associate livestock with man, and leave those alone to some extent too. Maybe that's a stretch, but their are too many damn griz around and it is clear they have no fear of man anymore...that creates a dangerous situation.

Wolves confirmed in Colorado - posted 1 month ago

Oh boy, burn those Colorado points and don't bother to re-apply...Clutch, stop being so sensitive. Wolves are terrible, plain and simple. I'm from Montana, I can speak from experience. Those sacred laws that protect wolves are a bunch of BS put forth by people who know nothing about the matter...but they have money to hire lawyers, blah blah blah. I don't really care much about anything that comes down the pipe from that source. Nothing about wolves or wolf protection is actually good for wildlife, conservation, or anything else for that matter...but oh boy it sure is a big waste of tax dollars! I hope the seasons get opened up year-round like coyotes. In the meantime, yeah, shoot, shovel, shut up.