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Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 month ago

You're welcome.

Tips on proper hand placement while shooting a rifle - posted 2 months ago

One of the best tips from this video was to practice through dry firing. Repetition by dry fire practice helps immensely in becoming a more accurate marksman, and way cheaper than firing live rounds. As a side note, I hope we continue to see more hunting firearms manufactured with accurized features like the Browning (and Leupold scope) you featured. Great video Brady.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 2 months ago

I have a problem with elitist hunters who anoint themselves as the purest ethical thought leaders among us. You're most ethical based on what? Please tell us all your credentials, education, and philosophical system that makes your opinions superior to the rest of us. Okay, so you're not comfortable taking a shot over 300 hundred yards at an elk. I don't have a problem if you can't calculate bullet trajectory fast enough to accurately shoot that far. (It doesn't take any longer than calculating a 40 yard bow shot by the way.) I can. And a ton of other competent hunters can. I've killed numerous big game animals well past 500 hundred yards and every one of them has been a clean, fast kill. In fact, far more decisive than jumping game at 50 or 100 yards and shooting at running animals, or an animal that string jumps a bow at 20 yards. I've witnessed far more, as in exponentially more, blood trails gone cold from bow hunting than any long-range rifle kill shots. Ht em, tracked em, lost em. So maybe we ought to have a movement to ban guys like Shaul being able to bow hunt--see how that works when hunters turn on hunters.

As to the resident/non-resident issue, last time I checked the vast majority of western hunting takes place on FEDERAL lands. So let's not pretend here that all hunters alike (resident and non-resident) don't have a vested interest in the lands that the game we all want to hunt inhabit. If we're going to go down that road then let's think about dividing up game units and tags based on federal land (non-resident & resident equally), state lands (resident only), and private lands (private owners only).

I do agree that the cream of the crop tags should not be sold/auctioned through these "charitable" organizations. Let's be honest, these are guys that love to hunt premo units and have created cozy deals with state agencies through charitable fronts. This is appalling to the average guy that applies for years. However, what he is proposing sounds like the same system, except his proposed system favors him and his group of buddies.

I don't know this Shaul fellow, but he sure sounds like a massive ego to me.

Adjustable rifle turrets vs BDC reticles - posted 3 months ago

Good article Dave B. These types of discussions, which emphasize marksmanship, are great for sportsmen and sportswomen. I'd love to see some articles on other accuracy enhancements, i.e. shooting form, replacing factory triggers, glass bedding factory stocks, proper scope mounting. Thx

Adjustable rifle turrets vs BDC reticles - posted 3 months ago

I've used a fixed reticle, BRH reticle, and adjustable turret on successful hunts. They all work, and have pros/cons. If you buy the right scope today, you can basically get all three in one. There are opinions both ways on FFP v. SFP. Go look through one before you buy it. The point remains to 1) be honest with yourself about your shooting skills, and 2) know how to use the equipment you buy.