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Railroad sued over grizzly bear deaths in Montana - posted 1 week ago

Guess whose court this will magically end up in? I'll say this though, if the WGs think they play the long game legally, they need to check their history. There are only a handful of organizations that play the 100-200 year-long game, and the railroads are in that very limited group. If you want an organization with the muscle to change law, the WGs just poked the bear.

How to get more out of your MagnetoSpeed chronograph - posted 2 months ago

Cool article Brady.

NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 2 months ago

This is what wildlife management in the West has come down to, a t-shirt so a millennial blogger can look cool to his New York friends and twitter followers. I actually think its that simple. Americans in New York want to be bad asses, so they wear a t-shirt with a wolf on it (we used to mock people that wore wolf t-shirts, but corduroy bell bottom pants are also cyclical), or come to Yellowstone to snap a shot of a grizzly or wolf from their car and post it on Instagram for the likes. Its all about creating the perception your bad ass by snapping pictures from the safety of your car or New York podcast studio.

The real bad asses are the guys and gals that live in the west everyday, keep going in sleet, snow, and rain in frigid temps, hike ten miles in for weeks at a time cutting grizzly and wolf tracks, gut out an elk alone looking over their shoulder wondering if a grizzly is coming in down wind.

Tim Ferris and eastern US Instagram influencers can wear a wolf t-shirt all day long , it doesn't make them anything more than they are, woke phonies.

FWS restores federal protections to Yellowstone grizzlies - posted 2 months ago

As I've commented on earlier posts concerning Judge Christensen, this was a poor and insupportable decision. Undoubtedly the grizzly advocates cherry-picked his court and Christensen has not disappointed them. He has clearly indicated he will not allow grizzlies to be delisted until they are fully restored to their "original historical range"....Baja, Mexico east to Dallas, Texas, north along the Mississippi River to Nome, Alaska, and then back south along the Pacific Coast to Baja, Mexico. Imagine grizzlies roaming the suburbs of Dallas. Insanity.

NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 2 months ago

Ferris' flawed logic is that if you're rich and successful in one discipline, your opinions in any subject are infallible. I hope sportsmen are mobilizing to beat this snowflake insanity back.