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Will Colorado voters get to decide on wolves? - posted 5 months ago

I wonder if the State of Colorado is taking into account the financial ramifications of decimating it's elk heard? I would think the non-residents paying ~$700 for an OTC tag is a significant chunk of recurring money for the a non-resident why would I spend all that money to goto Colorado when my chance of success declines substantially? I won't be paying that for a chance to snap a picture of a wolf.

Man’s best friend just joined UDWR - posted 5 months ago

I'm sure Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife are happy to see that the Utah DWR is using every resource available to stop the public from encroaching on their game.

Tribes ask for permanent protections for grizzly bears - posted 6 months ago

State agencies can follow sounds wildlife management practices backed by science driven decisions while allowing for an abundant grizzly population. It shouldn't be an "all or nothing" view as they are proposing here. This is a hurtful and destructive argument driven by emotion. The North American model of wildlife management is the most successful the world has ever seen, and we need to promote the de-listing with limited harvest quotas based on the wildlife biologists' tag recommendations. Arguments against this are politically and or emotionally driven and have no merit in public policy.

Utah asks for public feedback on 2019 big game hunts - posted 7 months ago

Ah, yes, time for the Utah DWR to hold a circus where they let us peasants vent while ultimately changing nothing. The UT DWR is an inherently corrupt organization in bed with Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW). Hell, Randy Newberg called SFW a pox on the western hunting world and said he was glad to see the state's corrupt practices have yet to spill over to neighboring states. I was upset with the DWR for years as they allocated more and more tags to the guide/auction process but really wrote them off after the news broke of rampant corruption with the Western Hunt Expo. I love Utah, it's a real shame the UT DWR has run the public hunting opportunities into the ground. They've gotten a taste of the profits that can come from selling the public's assets (i.e. general tag allocations), they know exactly what they are doing and I can't imagine this "reallocation" of tags will change anything. They're throwing crumbs to appease the masses.

Utah increases black bear permits for 2018 - posted 1 year ago

Thank you for posting this article. I have a difficult time believing these tag numbers are determined based on sound wildlife practices/statistics. Every year I hunt the northern region and every year I see black bears randomly during the day, but of course I’ve never been “fortunate enough” to draw a tag…Is there someone I can email at sportsmen for fish wildlife? They seem to be the true decision makers when it comes to Utah’s wildlife management and respective tag allocations. Additionally, I too would like to see GoHunt post the bear draw odds.