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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I have either applied to, or purchased points in, eight western state for over 25 years, expecting that one day I will retire and have some hunting to enjoy. I gave up on Wyoming after twelve years because I missed the purchase deadlines while distracted by health concerns of ailing family members and so lost all of my points. Some will be glad to hear it, some perhaps not. I do not recall what those points cost me, but as a matter of principle it did not seem right to start over.

To some extent, the growing fascination with technology is to blame for fewer opportunities. With trail cameras and 800-yard rifles, any schmuck can get his buck, and higher success rates necessitate fewer tags. Perhaps we would all be wise to exchange high tech for more tags in specified units or hunt dates. Bring in actual hunters...