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Prepare and you can elk hunt every year for less than $1,500 - posted 2 months ago

The $1500 budget for a western elk hunt is probably doable.....for younger guys. I've been doing the DIY since 94. That roughing it gets old quick to save a buck.
And that $1500 isn't going to cover the gear a first year guy might not have but should. I'm by no means trying to start an argument......but to the guy that's never done it, don't get disillusioned. Unless someone has has a ton of gear or at least some could have a hunt from hell like my first DIY was. Over the years I've aquired quite an equipment inventory and a whole lot of experience. When planning your first DIY, do as much research on the equipment you might need or want. The experience you have could make or break if you choose to go back every year and I do.