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Bendrix B.

Bison cull underway at Yellowstone National Park - posted 1 month ago

Seth D. Not sure why you need to insult the author by calling this "Stupid Click Bait". It is a cull of the herd according to the definition of cull. Although this story does not say where the Brucellosis free animals will go, all the others will be killed.

I think the interesting question to ponder for Yellowstone and other parks is to consider the inclusion of hunting when populations grow beyond the carrying capacity of the land. Rather than go to all the expense of rounding up live Bison (something I'll bet is exciting to watch) it would be revenue producing to allow the bison to be hunted. Even if the Bison belong to tribes, those tribes could sell guided hunts (as they do on their land for other species) or hunt them for their own consumption. If done annually, I'm sure that would hold the population down.

Anyway, Kristen does great work here and I enjoy her articles immensely.

Bendrix B.

3 tips to help you on your first backpack hunt - posted 1 month ago

I put on a Kuiu 1850 loaded with 30lb, or a 3600 loaded with 40lb every morning and hike 2.5 miles. It’s awesome exercise and gets me outside every day which I really value cause my work keeps me inside. I know those aren’t impressive weights, but the idea is to build solid muscle and acclimate to the pack so when I put it on for a hunt, or a multi-day hike, my body is already adjusted to it. My goal for pack in weight is less than 30lb anyway, so though this is not training for the heavy pack out, it takes care of the rest.

I’m happy to see GoHunt carrying Crispi boots cause that’s what I put 900 or so miles on each year. It’s fairly flat here, so the Monaco suits those daily hikes just fine. In steep country there are other options.

Hunters should not ignore the non-hunting hikes and backcountry camping available all year long. I do love to hunt, and you won’t find me doing otherwise in an open season, but hey, we all like to get outdoors and into the hills. Hiking and camping spring and summer sure do keep you in shape and fill in those months with some great vistas and maybe a bit of scouting. It’s also a nice way to test drive that gear.

Bendrix B.

KUIU launches their Conservation Direct initiative - posted 1 month ago

Great gear, great values, great people. Kuiu. R.I.P. Jason...

Bendrix B.

The truth about spring bear hunting - posted 1 month ago

Everybody has their own perspective. Last spring I went to SW Montana for spot and stalk bear. The guide, a very well respected fellow, called it the toughest hunt of all. According to him, its hard to locate bears. That proved out on this hunt as there were no bears sighted in 6 days of hunting. It was unseasonably warm which certainly had an effect on bear behavior, however it was not so warm that the roads to the high country were free of snow. We did a lot of walking.

If I lived nearby I’d surely go out often over the full season, picking my hunts according to weather and forage development. I’ll probably not book another trip out to MT for bears due to the far in advance scheduling and uncertainty of weather. There are other hunts...

Bendrix B.

WY Game and Fish Commission against Grand Teton mountain goat removal - posted 2 months ago

This is a good move, to let hunters hunt for the goats. What I truly do not understand is the petty manipulation of species preferentiality that demands goats be sacrificed so that sheep, or any other animal may have the domain.