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Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 week ago

BLM and cattlemen are in control over the removal of the native horses. BLM is paid by you the taxpayers. Cattlemen don't pay anything. They steal the land for their cows, intended for the native horses. The cows destroy the watersheds and the grass fields, look at their feet, that tells all. So stop saying it's the horse that destroys the land. The horses have been here the longest, if the lands were destroyed by them. There wouldn't be any grass on this Earth. Except planted wheatgrass, that the horse can't dijest. BLM has tried to brain wash you into thinking, there is to many horses out there, and that they need to be spayed by using a metal rod. Thats a barbaric method of abuse even for the BLM. They must have a dislike for female horses to abuse them so HORRIBLE. The horses aren't the problem here!! It's the BLM and too many Cows. So BOYCOTT BEEF!! Problem solved!!!!