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Idaho wolves killed to help struggling elk herd - posted 1 month ago

We got a little taste of what it's like dealing with the wolf and grizzly "advocates" out there. Talk to a 2 year old throwing a tantrum and if you want to re-live the experience of having a discussion with the departed Eric J.

Idaho wolves killed to help struggling elk herd - posted 1 month ago

Holy batshit crazy! We've got some real live internet tough guys visiting our site.

Colorado cracks down on illegal shed hunting - posted 2 months ago

Seems like the Subaru driving crowds that are out on the trails with their mutts off leash every weekend are just as big of a problem, if not bigger, but we're not policing them.

Unrelated question - do these YouTubers have to get filming permits since they're "monitizing" their channels now?

Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 4 months ago

Probably time for this area to go to a limited draw for bikers and hikers. They'll need to build up their preference points for a chance at the prime hiking and biking areas and dates. They can have an option to buy a point if they're not going to hike or bike in the current year.

Might be a few more people living in Colorado since a couple million. Probably time to update the mgt plan.

No more federal protections for gray wolves? - posted 5 months ago

Daniel O. maybe you could focus your energy on the mountain caribou, which is actually in real trouble unlike the wolves? Defenders of Wildlife Litigation and similar serial litigators could go help an actual endangered species instead of a cash cow. Maybe Kevin Costner can do a movie with the caribou if that'll tug at the heart string$?