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Steve H.

I am severely allergic to hunting - posted 4 years ago

This is great. I like you, also suffer from this. Its almost a mental waiting game wodering how long its going to be till I break out in a sneezing fit and hate my life. I always pack my allergy pills and take them every night but no matter what it will come and it will shut me down for the whole day. Im going to try the painters mask thanks for the tip bud.

Steve H.

New velvet nontypical world record mule deer - posted 4 years ago

I admire the fact he wants to preserve the way the deer was taken and not sow case the score. Who cares about the score. Its between you and the deer. Nice work bud.

Steve H.

Bull elk scam? DIY backcountry hunt or high fence? - posted 4 years ago

#flawless #seamless #sarcastic