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Adam A.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Utah Elk and Antelope - posted 1 month ago

If my hunting license is still valid from last year it looks like I don't have to buy a new hunting license to submit my applications for the drawing. However, I'm wondering if my hunting license is expired after the application deadline but before Utah conducts the drawing will I still be eligible or do I need to have a valid hunting license at the time the applicants are draw? Thanks

Adam A.

ALERT: Idaho House approves decrease in nonresident tags, but increase in fees - posted 2 months ago

I would be interested in a follow up article if this bill becomes law with numbers that show the decrease in department revenue. As a nonresident it already costs me 154.75 for my annual hunting license + 10 Depredation Fee + 14.75 just to apply for a chance to draw a controlled hunt for one (**and only one**) species. If I don't plan to hunt a OTC unit (which I have done the past 3 years) that money is a donation. If I'm already committed to your state on a $180 gamble with typically a 10% or less chance of drawing a tag you better believe I'm gonna spend another $300-400 on an elk,deer, or antelope tag to justify my $180 gamble. That means, the way I see it, your already forcing me to hunt your state :) and overcrowd your units. The only other option is not to apply for Idaho at all and decrease your revenue (which will be a much easier choice if my draw odds go down much more). Which way do your want it Idaho????? A guy/gal needs deeper and deeper pockets each year to play out west.