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The truth about spring bear hunting - posted 1 month ago

Niel H. Good luck, just remember look for those south facing open slopes in some of the nastier country and you should have not problem finding bears.

Seth C the only reason I didn't include Oregon, even though they have a great bear population, is because they stopped doing the OTC spring bear tags and I was trying to help keep peoples first year bear hunting simple. Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming have some great populations and OTC tags in the spring. Idaho even has some bear tags that are $50 after you buy the general hunting license.

Prepare and you can elk hunt every year for less than $1,500 - posted 2 months ago

Appreciate all the feedback on the article. The overall objective of the article was to get people thinking about the costs associated with a DIY hunt in a bare minimum way. Of course if you fly, rent a car, eat out, bring your family, kill an elk, get it butchered, and get it mounted these prices will diffidently go up. However by choosing a state with cheaper licenses or getting a cow tag instead of a bull tag, you can diffidently go elk hunting for $1,500 if you can get the time off of work. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Shed hunting tips and regulations 2020 - posted 2 months ago

Gary H People do sell or keep them for decor but honestly it is a very fun hobby that gets you outdoors in the spring when there really are no hunting seasons. Also it is actually really exciting to find a big ol' elk shed and learn some new country while your at it.