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Nevada's new regulation on bringing animals back from out-of-state hunts - posted 2 months ago

I have just cut the cap off before between the eyes and the back of the skull, but it has also snapped in transportation that way. Of course the skull is the strongest, but if I have the cut it off at the skull so be it.
I also specialize in Wildlife culinary, and have built my own wildlife butcher shop. I guess I'll have to figure out another way to age the meat. I always age the quarters by hanging the rear quarters from its Achilles tendon. so they pretty much outlawed that too by the sounds of it.
My friend who is a Nevada Guide brings in quarters that were de-boned. In most cases, it has pretty much been destroyed from a butcher's view. Once the legs, backstraps, loins, etc. have been de-boned, the possibility of contamination from flies has been increased, and proper aging procedures have been made way more difficult than if it was hanging from the hook. I guess I'll have to figure out new ways to age wildlife, with these "wanna-be laws"
There should be a possibility of having these body parts tested so great cuts, and aging procedures wont be eliminated over the time.
I'm curious if this new law has now made my aging elk leg of Prosciutto outlawed! Oooh! maybe even my Osso Bucco cuts in my freezer are now illegal? They all include the delicious flavor that a bone creates.

Nevada's new regulation on bringing animals back from out-of-state hunts - posted 3 months ago

So, what I understand here is that If I legally harvested a "Healthy" bighorn sheep from, let's say Montana, 1)- Knowing that this bighorn sheep could be a new record ram, 2)- Knowing that this was a very healthy, not CWD infested sheep, 3)- also Knowing that if I cut open (split) the skull to get these brains out, it would no longer be allowed to be counted into the records as possibly a new record animal? What that says, is that Nevada supports the SCI (Safari Club International) convention, but Nevada also destroyed the opportunity for a hunter to be entered into the SCI book of records!
I have brought in a #3 in the world reindeer from Iceland, where none of these diseases exist. Now, I wouldn't be able to do that anymore? Once the skull plate is cut, the opportunity for a record is deleted, eliminated, and no longer in existence!
It sounds like this issue was no really thought over very well.