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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

It makes it hard to even plan long term point acquisition and hunting trips when various states keep changing the rules, why should I continue to invest money into getting points if there is a good chance the state is just going to pull the rug out from under me before I have a chance to draw a good tag?

I have hunted big game 30+ days a year the past few years in various western states, a huge amount of time and money has been invested in these states from me alone. With the ever rising cost and unpredictability I have been seriously considering getting a good pointer dog instead and just bird hunting.

2020 Arizona spring leftover hunting permit list - posted 4 months ago

I talked to a lady working for the license dept about how the left over tag distribution works, basically all permits they get by Saturday (today) will be dumped into a bin and then randomly selected, if they draw your application out first you get a tag (if available in your 1-5 choices). Applications received Monday & Tuesday will the again be dumped into a big bin and gone through for any remaining tags.

Its not quite first come first serve in that fashion so if you want a chance to get a certain leftover tag fill out an application and get it over nighted so they hopefully receive it by Tuesday for the second "draw".

Disclaimer, I gathered this information in one phone call asking how the tags would be distributed, It may be possible I misunderstood something.

Railroad sued over grizzly bear deaths in Montana - posted 4 months ago

Need more ridiculous lawsuits like this to bring attention to the weponization Endangered Species Act. It is beyond time to update the ESA to allow real management of wildlife.