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The challenges of western solo hunting and how to overcome them - posted 3 weeks ago

Mark, great article. I just read another by one of your colleagues Josh Kirchner. I am 57 and got started in hunting very late in life. I come from a non-hunting family. I have been considering a solo archery hunt here in my home state of Idaho. I have not had any success archery hunting to date and thought that maybe getting away from it all may improve my chances. The challenge of being alone in the backcountry is real for me. I do keep myself in good shape and do backpack with others but being solo introduces other concerns.
I would appreciate any additional information and advise you can share. IF I were to do this it wouldn't be until the 2020/2021 season. That would give me a year to scout, plan, train and pack.
Thank you again and I hope this finds you well and successful this year.

Making the switch from rifle to archery - posted 1 month ago

Josh, thank you for the nice article that really puts thing in perspective. I began hunting VERY late in life using a rifle and have hiked with a bow the past 4-years. I came from a non-hunting family and as such do not have the knowledge most of you have. I just enjoy being out there and found your article particularly refreshing. Heck, I only rifle hunted for a couple of years and had limited success so my expectations for archery is to just enjoy the challenge and experience of trying to find animals then get close.
I wish you all the best of luck as you prepare for this season.