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Wyoming considers changes to nonresident elk hunting regulations - posted 1 year ago

The 7,250 number is for full price licenses, which include Antlerless.
Increasing that NR quota will do nothing to increase LE licenses for NR hunters. What it will do is increase the number of Special ($1,300) Gen licenses. Those addl licenses will be allocated to 1st, then 2nd choice apps before any remainder goes to the Regular Gen draw. The only way to increase NR LE licenses is for the Dept to increase the total LE quota, and NR will only see 16% of any increase. The Dept can change the 7,250 quota, they can not change the 84/16 split.

Why hunters don’t share their secret spots - posted 1 year ago

Ever join a chain letter? Your "spot" will get passed around just the same. You're not telling just one guy....

JS Outfitters - posted 1 year ago

This week, a licensed Wyoming outfitter was charged with the illegal transfer of client hunting licenses. Jon Ball of “Jons Outdoors” admitted that in 2017, he used a client’s antelope and deer license for himself and another hunter in his hunting camp after the original client could not make the trip, Sweetwater Now reports.

Washington “Bullwinkle” elk case dropped - posted 2 years ago

"Branch antler" is self definitive.

Oregon may allow hunt for “problem wolves” - posted 2 years ago

“Why not utilize the situation in a manner that provides a hunting opportunity, while also serving a management need?”

A "hunting opportunity" is what Nick Cady wants to avoid.