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Charlie L.

Recent gray wolf sightings in Colorado - posted 5 months ago

Some of these bunny/wolf huggers are completely out of their minds. Bet they think congress is doing a good job and we don't have an illegal immigrants problem either? CPW has already jacked up the prices for all hunters by requiring a small game license to apply and increased the processing cost by 100-300%, as well as charging for pref points. Residents will then get hit with 100%+ license increases when non-residents stop coming and CPW does not need a ballot measure to increase license fees to a point annually. They are already getting close to pricing themselves out of non-resident hunters and are planning to shorten seasons which when you say you have too many animals (elk), that makes perfect (perfectly stupid) sense to shorten the seasons. Kinda like VA saying they have way too many bears and then increasing the cost of a tag by 60-150% for residents and non-residents. It seems Wildlife Mgrs have no common sense or sense of logic. Yeah the wolves in yellowstone didn't pose ANY threat to deer and elk either, or moose. That was up till they ate the majority of all of em. Rky Mtn Wolf Action Fund - they need to raise funds to help with their mental illness issues.

Charlie L.

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 5 months ago

Rifle hunters getting the shaft as well as archery and especially residents, but non's too. Cutting 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons by two days and 50% of the weekend days when the most common thing they heard was to keep season lengths the same and the same number of weekend days, just shows how stupid they are and continue to be. As many of you said it is all about money and we can thank CO Parks for that. They couldn't manage themselves so they got dumbass hickenlooper to put them together so they could milk and steal from Wildlife. Thank God we don't have to worry about his dumbass being president.