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Biggest giveaway of the year — 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 1 month ago

Dec. 22nd is my birthday so if I was lucky enough to win either the Mystery Ranch Marshall (I don't have a proper meat loading, camp carrying backpack) or the Sitka hoody that would be a fantastic birthday present, the Jetboil kit is awesome as well. Thanks for the opportunity everyone at GoHunt. Good luck everyone.

Winners Of Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifles In 6.5 PRC Announced! - posted 1 month ago

Congratulations to the WINNERS of such sweet dream rifles. I was hoping that I could sneak in last minute and pick one up, but that would mean I would have to save up a ton of cash to put high quality glass on top of it to really get the best out of that awesome rifle and new HOT caliber. Oh well December is my birthday month, so perhaps that will be the time I can win something cool. Thanks GoHunt for helping others have a chance to win some nice gear to go along with all that information that one can spend days upon days pouring over.