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Attacking Alaska Hunting Part 1: How do I start? - posted 1 month ago

Thanks Matt. I appreciate you echoing with this comment, "Decide what you want to pursue, develop a well thought out plan, set realistic expectations, and give yourself as much time as possible and you will have a good trip." Readers who want to go to Alaska need to hear that from multiple angles.
Understanding Expectations is huge. We are often bombarded by horn-porn and photos of epic grandeur. These can lead us astray chasing rainbows.
My hope with this article was to get readers to slow down and distill their dreams into the purest form.

We won’t give all the information away, but we will steer you away from troubles and huge wastes of time.

Improving your backcountry sleeping game—Part 1 - posted 1 month ago

There are some great comments coming on here. Thanks for engaging guys. I'll attempt to respond to most of the inquiries or thoughts. First off, in Part 2, I will talk more about the application of these things. Namely on pairing a down sleeping bag with you down "puffy" layers.
To emphasize: the key with sleeping pads is CLOSED CELL FOAM. The thermarest accordian pads are closed-cell and top notch. I don't personally utilize air mattresses.
I don't have history with down quilts. There was a time when I was into minimalist backcountry excursions and would use just a woobie - the old military poncho liner - they are great to have along, but just not cozy (heavy) enough for cold nights sleeps. In regards to that, I'm the kind of guy who likes weighted blankets. So, I bet a down quilt just wouldnt give me the kind of snuggle I need at night.
Good Ole Trail K at GoHunt is a user of the down quilt though. I will see if I can entice him to comment.

Al C is absolutely right about vapor barriers and dew points. I've been ruminating for two years on how best to teach backcountry hunters about dew points. Al, if you see this, shoot me a message.

Hunting application strategies: optimize and extend your season - posted 2 months ago

Steve G, I have an article about exactly that! You can read it on the InitialAscent blog. It talks about using a total outdoor lifestyle to stay in shape so that you don't have to go to the gym. This strategy is one of the tips.
Seth D, I wonder what else you uncle saw while he was on that trip. Did he come back and say, "I've never seen so many grouse in all my life" or anything like that. Sometimes extended day hunts are hard, but it's fun to hear that he stayed engaged and having fun for the whole trip. Very cool. Thanks for commenting.