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6 reasons why llamas are the ultimate pack animal for hunting - posted 11 months ago

@Robert. Don't worry about endemic pathogens in llamas that would threaten wild sheep. Because there aren't any in llamas. Its unfortunate the WSF has politicized this issue so they can protect thinhorn sheep hunting in the north for the outfitters. You are a victim of their propoganda, misinformation, and weatlth. The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Wild Sheep Working Group disagrees with the WSF on the issue of disease transmission to wild Caprids from llamas. As do many scientists and multiple land management jurisdictions. Especially now since some of these pathogens that cause wild sheep pneumonia, are present in other wild species, like Dall sheep, Moose, Mountain Goats, and Caribou. The pack llama poses far less threat to any wild sheep than cattle and cervidae. You see, llamas have taxonomic separation. Far removed from the Caprinae sub family. They are not even in the sub order Ruminatia, like all of the Bovidae and Cervidae families. Very similar to horses who also have taxonomic separation. You dont see horses on the WSF ban list, do you? I wonder why that is? Arbitrary and capricious is what we call it. Public lands have no business banning llamas based upon disease threat to our public asset, the wild sheep. Scott Woodruff, Lander WY.