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Road rage poacher faces 24 criminal counts, including eight felonies - posted 2 months ago

I'm Glad this guy got caught and they are throwing the book at him but the animal cruelty penalties could be a slippery slope. Lets say a guy makes a poor shot on a legal animal and it dies but not quickly. This too could be seen as animal cruelty to the liberal left animal rights activists. Obviously it wasn't with intent in the suggested scenario but a slippery slope none the less.

September INSIDER giveaway - Two Swarovski 10x42 SLC binoculars - posted 4 months ago

This is some really nice glass!

Planning your 2019 archery elk hunt by using the moon and equinox - posted 6 months ago

So, from the suggested dates we can assume you will be in the woods September 25 through the end of the season. Just kidding!

Are wolves a solution to CWD? — some wolf advocates think so - posted 7 months ago

Well, if they eat all the deer, moose and elk in a state then they can probably eliminate cwd from the state.

Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 7 months ago

If you don't address it then "let it burn" policies should be in place everywhere no matter the consequence of anything. Don't address the fuel problem or the fire problem. If a major city burns down then let it, if a major park burns down then let it. You can't have it both ways.