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NYT best-selling author throws BIG money at Colorado wolf ballot proposal - posted 2 months ago

The Appalachian elk herd will eventually be the predominant elk herd on the continent for several reasons including this one. Good luck seeing a guy like this get anything on the ballot in eastern KY.

French animal rights activist goes too far with mosquitos - posted 2 months ago

Anthropomorphizing an "R strategist" (mosquito) to protect their young like a "K strategist" (human) shows a lack of scientific knowledge requisite for proper debate. I suggest he feeds himself to a underprivileged polar bear or malnourished great white.

Nez Perce Tribe bighorn sheep not recognized as state record - posted 4 months ago

Given that the majority of his tribe were sadly hunted down by the US army 150 years ago I want to say give him a pass....... However, given that his tribe helped to hunt the woolly mammoth, and various other mega fauna, to extinction 10,000 years prior to a modern state conservation system kinda makes me wish he would have followed the common rules.