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Archery training tips to become a better bowhunter - posted 1 year ago

I found your article interesting. I've been hunting with a bow for 43 years. And consider myself an expert in the field. By success and experiance. And I feel you were off on a couple things. speed shots are the dumbest thing I think that gets me the most. Speed is never a part of ar hery in any way . Your advice there ends up with injured animals cause you rushed your shot slow down if you did your job speed is a joke. Second thing is only practice with one arrow. Another lie practice with 3 or 4 one arrow never shows anything g except you were lucky and it the target. It's about repetition not single arrows. And your friends have nothing to do with how you pra tuce or shoot keep them out of it the thoughts and ideas. Are theres and not for you. The rest was readable. But next time make sure you specify this is for two types of people people who never hunted anything ever. And iam only saying this to try and salvage your article two it might be something of a good children's story. But not really for an adult that k ows how to hunt