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Mathews VXR Bow Winners Announced! - posted 1 month ago

Congrats winners... Im suffering from self pity about not winning. Thanks Gohunt for the awesome giveaways.

Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 1 month ago

my problem is finding hunting areas around me that are public. There is only a few spots and the vast majority of the land is privately owned. But that is what it is in the Midwest. Many farmers dont want to give permission for someone to go on their land with a weapon when they dont know you. So that is the biggest challenge. How to get access to areas that are inaccessible due to ownership. Paying for leases can get to be cost prohibitive... We will need to keep trying and bring other in as much as we can.
Interesting, my daughter was telling her friends that her dad is a hunter and we eat venison... they were all like 'gross'... what in the world! We have lost our roots!

February INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews VXR Bows! - posted 1 month ago

oh please, please, please choose me! I have a super old bow and would be ready to shout if I won!! Especially because I am going to take my first ever elk hunting trip this year. Thanks Go Hunt for doing this for the community and for your website. Loving it!

Hilleberg Enan Tent Winners Announced! - posted 2 months ago

Man...I was so hoping I was going to be picked on this one! :( Congrats winners!