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Yellowstone National Park elk migration - posted 4 years ago

My wife and I are annual visitors in the late summer/ early fall to the Park and the surrounding areas ...especially WY and MT. We now fly fish for the most part but I've hunted elk in both states, have made 3 horse pack trips into the Thorofare and we've been coming for years. The decrease in the number of elk in the Park is painfully obvious. A single cow elk along the Firehole River now often results in a traffic jam. The decision to reintroduce wolves has arguable support from a purely bio/ecological standpoint but has been very costly in many other ways. It is what it is. Regardless of the outcome and conclusions of various "studies" it is unlikely to be possible to control the future of the elk herd in the Park and in the greater Yellowstone area. "Expert" bio-meddling is frequently based on the scientific WAG* system and does not always turn out so well.
* WAG = Wild Ass Guess