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Idaho wolves killed to help struggling elk herd - posted 7 months ago

Folks, it is too late. NOTHING is going to be done. Wolves and the amount of human infrastructure in the Rocky Mountain west is a perilous combination. The argument is moot. IT IS TOO LATE.

Group sues the government over “unambitious” grizzly recovery plan - posted 8 months ago

6000 grizzly bears--exactly what this world needs. With all the wealthy people building homes on the benches of every mountain range in the west and state and local governments blazing trails into roads to get folks there, yep, 6000 killing machines are all that is needed.
Amazing! The most irresponsible thing ever espoused. And the judge will rule in favor of these people. Watch and see. This will effectually kill any pursuit to hunt grizzly bears, period.

Yellowstone grizzly bears lose federal protections - posted 2 years ago

Recently encountered a massive grizzly in an Idaho meadow, well outside the YNP boundary. These bears are no longer endangered. In fact, I would not bow hunt eastern Idaho without a magnum side arm for any reason. We have at least one attack every archery elk season. The great Bears fear nothing. They are born, conditioned to reign without speculation. Nothing can hurt them. Yet, their very presence is enough to strike fear into any living creature around them--most especially humans. The time of exposing people to the killingest mschine ever devised.
Not advocating the termination of grizzly bears. But, the day of handling bears with kid gloves is over. An ounce of prevention...

No professional wolf hunters allowed in Frank Church - posted 3 years ago

Ten bear hounds killed this week just east of Rexburg, Idaho by a pack of wolves. Two houndsmen lost their entire stock. They were running bears in an area that has been traditionally safe. From those hills it is easy to see town. Simply no reasoning behind this

Idaho man poaches bighorn sheep - posted 3 years ago

Wolves are decimating the sheep and goat populations in that country, from Gilmore Summit all the way to Salmon. The alpine game must winter in the Limhi valley. When short legged animals, best suited for mountain peaks come down to the benches and flatlands they are picked off easily. They are not built to escape predators on flat ground. One goat unit over in there has been closed altogether.
Now you have slobs going over there and compounding the problem. Not many big old Rams over there anymore. If he killed a big one, he was in the right place at the right time. Sadly, this man may not get the punishment of a true poacher. READ BETWEEN THE LINES. HE MAY NOT BE FROM AROUND HERE.