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Wyoming lawmakers reintroduce legislation to delist grizzlies - posted 3 months ago

I live and work in these mountains most of the year. There are lots of bears! They need to be managed and treated as an asset rather than a liability. What people don't understand is the amount of money that they are costing taxpayers every year. If we were allowed to have regulated harvest managed by the state, we would not only benefit the local elk and deer herds but also benefit the local economy. Sound science has done its job. Let the people that know and live with the bears do their job and manage them so that all wildlife can live and thrive in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Grand Teton mountain goats to be removed to save bighorn sheep - posted 3 months ago

5 years to kill 100 Mt. Goats because they have pneumonia pathogens? Like they aren’t going to spread that to the sheep in 5 years? I get the reason but the plan is not helping anyone.