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Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 5 days ago

I can only hope more nonresidents hate the season structure...

Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 5 days ago

Prescribed burns are often good for habitat and animals. Some of the other ideas, like herbicide seem less beneficial or studied. Mechanical treatments can be good in some circumstances, but maybe not be swaths of forest. I know where I'm hunting if they push sendero through public land, though...
Bottom line, stick to proven methods.
Also, stop letting people build in burn prone areas without properly mitigating risk, and then we could let the fires burn.

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 6 days ago

The changes are mostly good. The increased rifle season breaks and less weekend days have a possibility of decreasing animal stress and increasing hunt quality. Archery hunters have it really good. This is a tiny change by moving dates back by a week (at most). Even people who will benefit from these changes are likely to complain about them for years.

Will Colorado voters get to decide on wolves? - posted 2 weeks ago

My main issues are related to money. There will be the money spent to put wolves here, and then we will have to pay ranchers for lost livestock, some lost revenue for CPW for tags may happen. I dont care about the politics of anyone here in the front range, or our governor's sexual orientation. Wolves will eventually get to Colorado in self-sustaining numbers, but why pay to do that?

New Interior order grants better access to federal land for hunting and fishing - posted 3 months ago

Bernhardt is an oil company lawyer.
I fear this will not end well for those of us who depend on public lands for hunting.