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2019 Colorado leftover hunting license list now available - posted 1 month ago

Brady. I am trying to use this article plus Filtering 2.0 to figure out what units for deer typically have tags going to the leftover draw. I want to deer hunt in my planned up-coming elk unit for 2020 but since it is now December '19, your link for the CO leftover license looks like it only shows what is left after that spring's leftover draw. Can you guys start posting the original leftover list prior to the leftover draw to your actual GoHunt page somehow and maybe for the last 4 years so we can start seeing trends? Tons more data I am requesting I know, but it would be cool to see if a particular unit for example was often having lets say 10 tags every year go to the leftover draw. The only way I have been able to find this info is to call CO Parks & Wildlife.

Improving your backcountry sleeping game—Part 1 - posted 1 month ago

Great article Steve and thanks for posting. After reading, I just ordered the Western Mountaineering liner. I wish you guys sold the Zlite folding mat and would have ordered that as well. I called your office yesterday and Trail gave me 30 minutes of his time on this same subject and helping me on putting together an order. I have been looking for a gear supplier for some time with folks that actually hunt the way I do and it has been a pleasure having this Insider service, folks that are super helpful over the phone, great content online, etc. You guys are doing an awesome job - keep up the hard work. Thanks again.