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KUIU sues Eastman’s Publishing, Inc. for fraud - posted 3 years ago

So, you have Under Armour taking a stand against a spear hunt for bear and Kuiu with a questionable stance on the public land sale issue. Adam H. is right, First Lite all the way. Besides, my Attack Pants ripped the second time I wore them anyway

Five people just won Zeiss binoculars - posted 4 years ago

Great website and information source, the evolution of hunt data. My membership has been well worth the money and now I won the exact pair of Zeiss binoculars I was going to buy!

Benefits hunters provide to New Mexico economy - posted 4 years ago

To say that outfitters help provide access to nonresident hunters is a bit of a stretch. To their paid clients sure, but the outfitters in New Mexico have been greedy in accepting what is nothing short of welfare in the form of tag allocations, and they asked for even more!