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Montana landowner wins road access lawsuit - posted 3 months ago

Really not great info in this article. Here's from the gazette.

"Mabee Road travels north from the town of Roy with the county’s easement ending at the Robbinses’ gate, Gilbert wrote. From there the road continues for another 20 miles across private land before reaching BLM acreage that is located south of the Missouri River Breaks. Mabee Road eventually intersects with Knox Ridge Road, which runs east to west between Highway 87 and Winifred.

PLWA introduced several maps — the oldest dating to 1903 — as evidence, which depict a route that the group contended was Mabee Road, although the judge disagreed.

“Lines representing old roads on old surveys and old maps are not substitutes for competent evidence of actual public use,” Gilbert wrote."

May Giveaway Winners: 10 People Just Won A Garmin inReach Mini! - posted 6 months ago

Brain R in Boring Oregon... funny

Bringing new hunters into the mix - posted 6 months ago

The adult onset outsider perspective was a good read and worthy of attention. I can understand the challenge of wanting to fit in and sometimes a clique mentality. However it needs to be addressed in reverse and taken a bit further. Many newcomers are weekend warrior magazine hunters who think gear reigns supreme. They come off as no-it-alls and it can detour many of us seasoned hunters to disconnect quickly. Mentoring and patience can be a challenge with the adult onset (especially if they're a young millennial). Nurture and show patience, teach and help hone fundamentals and show them with hard work and commitment the rewards are plentiful.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Arizona Deer, Sheep and Bison - posted 6 months ago

When is GOHUNT going to update draw odds for the CHAMP hunts in 12AW & 7?

Hunters win big in Arizona court - posted 8 months ago

Huge Win. AZ Game and fish/Hunter's 1, Sierra Club Zero.