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May Giveaway Winners: 10 People Just Won A Garmin inReach Mini! - posted 1 month ago

Brain R in Boring Oregon... funny

Bringing new hunters into the mix - posted 1 month ago

The adult onset outsider perspective was a good read and worthy of attention. I can understand the challenge of wanting to fit in and sometimes a clique mentality. However it needs to be addressed in reverse and taken a bit further. Many newcomers are weekend warrior magazine hunters who think gear reigns supreme. They come off as no-it-alls and it can detour many of us seasoned hunters to disconnect quickly. Mentoring and patience can be a challenge with the adult onset (especially if they're a young millennial). Nurture and show patience, teach and help hone fundamentals and show them with hard work and commitment the rewards are plentiful.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Arizona Deer, Sheep and Bison - posted 1 month ago

When is GOHUNT going to update draw odds for the CHAMP hunts in 12AW & 7?

Hunters win big in Arizona court - posted 4 months ago

Huge Win. AZ Game and fish/Hunter's 1, Sierra Club Zero.

2019 Arizona leftover elk hunting permit list - posted 4 months ago

AZ local here. Outside of maybe 5BN the rest are a waste of time and money. As for the Kaibab, I've not seen any elk in 20 years there.