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Hunters win big in Arizona court - posted 1 month ago

Huge Win. AZ Game and fish/Hunter's 1, Sierra Club Zero.

2019 Arizona leftover elk hunting permit list - posted 2 months ago

AZ local here. Outside of maybe 5BN the rest are a waste of time and money. As for the Kaibab, I've not seen any elk in 20 years there.

Montana tables bill to prohibit wolf hunting and trapping - posted 2 months ago

Good for Sen Flowers for understanding that game and fish are better managers of wildlife than politicians.

ALERT: 2019 Arizona elk and antelope draw deadline extended! - posted 3 months ago

Tired of extensions to last minute hunters who wait till the last minute; flood the website or phones then cry about it.

Texas hunter grabs national attention with rare Pakistan mountain goat - posted 3 months ago

Erik S you are spot on!