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Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 3 months ago

Colorado hunting continues to become a rich man's sport. And yes archery hunters continue to get the shaft, let's just keep shortening our hunt by adding muzzle loaders and rifle hunters in the same season. Funny how other states have one or two months or one or two seasons for archery hunting and Colorado can't seem to get it together. I love my state but I get a much better hunt now by going out of state to hunt. Such a shame!

Tribes ask for permanent protections for grizzly bears - posted 4 months ago

I do agree with Logan, why the change of heart the Native Americans have been harvesting them for years. I tend to believe they would get this passed and then backdoor that they will still be allowed to harvest them. Let's manage them appropriately for anyone to harvest. Time to close that book..

Colorado discusses possibility of wolf reintroduction - posted 7 months ago

Thanks for proving my point Micharl P. "you just can't argue with stupid".

Colorado discusses possibility of wolf reintroduction - posted 7 months ago

Well I can only speak from what I have personally seen and experienced. My family lives in Idaho and we have watched the Elk, deer and moose population in our area decrease significantly year by year. Our hunting skills and confidence are just fine. Just stating a very simple and accurate statistic. The wolf came back and shortly thereafter the deer, elk and moose population declined. When a wolf starts tasting as good as an elk and can fill my freezer just the same I guess we will start eating wolf.