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Muzzleloader law breakdown throughout the western states - posted 2 days ago


Thanks for the help, although that wasn't the answer I was hoping for! Appreciate the rapid research and response none the less though!

Muzzleloader law breakdown throughout the western states - posted 3 days ago

Does anyone know whether you can use a bow during the muzzleloader season in NV. I've looked all through the regulations and I can't find anywhere it says that you cannot but also nothing that says its ok.


Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 2 weeks ago


You will get an email back that says thank you for the $203, plus the credit card processing fee which will be another $10, and most likely the word UNSUCCESSFUL! No refund whatsoever.

Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 2 weeks ago

Being a non-resident to ID, I really don't have an issue with the cost of the tags. I do however take issue in having to pay over $200 in non-refundable fees just to apply for any limited entry tag! This doesn't even take into account the probably 3% credit card fee that they'll charge on top of everything else!

It's now the most expensive in non-refundable fees of any of the western states to apply in! I used to send in my check for a moose application every year but will save me over $250 that I can spend elsewhere not applying in ID.

Montana proposes big changes for Region 2 hunting districts - posted 3 months ago

Montana elk are most definitely not over population objectives on ANY public land in MT. If they are over objective anywhere its the massive private ranches that don't allow public access or charge upwards of $10000 to hunt! So tired of this state catering to wealthy landowners that complain constantly and don't allow access, except for the rich.

If you want to make the landowners stop complaining, allow access, and balance the elk population between public and private, then change the tax codes. When you start leasing or outfitting your land for countless thousands of dollars is it really considered farm and ranch land anymore, not in my opinion. Also if you want to get more landowners to allow public access then give the cooperating owners the incentive to do so.....state tax breaks would be a massive incentive to allow public access!

Instead lets shoot elk on public land August through February with rifles and then ponder why 95% of the elk end up on private ranches where the feed is better (because the public is grazed to the dirt for pennies on the dollar), they are shot at for 6 straight months, and they in many instances get hazed back onto private ranches so the landowners can continue to make $10k a pop on trophy bulls.