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Hunt where the deer are, not where you think they are - posted 3 weeks ago

Yeah it’s a conundrum. i didn’t want to burn time getting chains. I’m headed to MT in nov on general tags so ought to be ok hunting areas i know. Im in love with mule deer for sure and appreciate the muley stuff you’re putting out. Podcast 47 with newberg is classic

Hunt where the deer are, not where you think they are - posted 3 weeks ago

great article. i am newish to mule deer hunting but come from hunting mountain whitetails in northern new england. I just got burned hunting in ID bc as an easterner i couidnt imagine i would need tire chains 10/10-10/15 to get to where i wanted to backpack in to hunt. well i was pretty wrong. it’s a big learning curve just coming from the east to the west and trying just to get to the starting point of your hunt. even early in the season i thought about buying chains ahead of time but thought i probably won’t need them and i have no idea what size to get until i get the rental pickup at the airport. looking back on it wasting half a day to get chains wouldn’t have been a waste because i was only able to drive to 56-5800’ in unit 21. I mostly ended up hunting 5800-6800’. I saw 1 buck the entire hunt. and he was running.
Anyway thanks for all the great content and keep it coming. eastern doofus muley hunters like mr need the help

BELOW ZERO - A Colorado 3rd Season Mule Deer Hunt - posted 3 months ago

i’ve endured cold like that hunting northern vermont and maine. i’d love to do it where there are actually deer around!!! i gotta find my 27 year old body asap and get to CO. Great hunt. keep stuff like that coming

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Idaho Elk - posted 3 months ago

Hi it’s good to hear the elk made it through in good shape. i’m hunting salmon zone for elk. how did the deer fare during the winter? also, are the moon phases shown at the bottom of each unit showing blue for full or new moon?

Supreme Court decision in favor of Native American elk hunter worries Wyoming - posted 4 months ago

this could be a disaster for our way of life If the native americans snagging salmon in the east are remotely indicative of how the crow or shoshone will treat elk deer and bighorns then we are all screwed