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Samuel K.

Game & Parks Commission gives NE rancher permission to kill 50 elk - posted 2 months ago

I am a resident in Nebraska and this is a very big issue, especially moving forward with elk in the state. In October I had a conversation with Sen. Erdman (which turned into a debate more than a conversation) about the decision to give out 50 "damage" tags after he pressured the NGPC (these tags are also either sex, anything goes). The main fact I came away with after my phone call with Sen. Erdman was that his only interest in the elk herd was keeping his reputation with the NE cattle community. After further research I found that the Schuler Red Angus ranch (Butch Schuler) charges $5,000 for access to take a trophy grade bull elk if you drew a limited entry tag. While damage did occur to the corn crop, most if not all crop farmers have crop insurance.

In the future, I would imagine that this scenario might happen again as the NE elk herd grows. Advocacy will need to be a priority on our part as hunters, especially hunters in Nebraska. Maybe the RMEF can get involved with NGPC and the NE Natural Resources Committee so a drastic population reduction does not happen again following this process.
-Samuel Koeshall