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A Near Miss - posted 5 months ago

I was hours away from giving up on my longbow and just ordering a new compound several weeks ago. I had made up my mind to go back to the compound world because I lacked the skill and consistency with my longbow. In reality, I lacked real instruction and didn't practice, so I shot several compounds and had finally decided on one. Just before making the call to order it, I found a recent video of Joel Turner (ShotIQ) and watched him making 45 yard shots with his stickbow that were within a 4" circle. I contacted him and said, "Am I crazy to go back to compound just because of my lack of skill? He encouraged me "Stay with the stickbow!!!" I went out and did an in-person clinic with him to learn controlled process shooting. I learned a ton and he put a clicker on my bow. Stuff I have never known about. Then I ordered Tom Clum Sr.'s Solid Archery Mechanics online course through The PUSH Archery. I am now full on committed to staying with my stickbow and getting good with it...finally. To each his own. For me, I am excited to hunt with traditional. Thanks for the story - I enjoyed it.