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The most frustrating part of bowhunting - posted 6 months ago

To me the most frustrating part about bowhunting is also what I love best about bowhunting and that is the distance, or better yet, the proximity with which you must be in to accurately hit animals and kill them. I started out a rifle hunter and only started archery hunting a couple years ago. I’ve had failure and success. My failure wasn’t as heart breaking as some I’ve had with a rifle though. Mostly because I learned so much and grew exponentially as a hunter. But it’s still a kick in the gut when you work so hard for something and don’t succeed. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

2019 Colorado high country early rifle mule deer hunt - posted 6 months ago

@Aaron O. Yessir! I feel ya. Hope to see more from you in the future.

2019 Colorado high country early rifle mule deer hunt - posted 6 months ago


What an amazing story! Sounds like all the things you want in a great hunt. I’ve climbed some tall peaks in Montana, without 90lbs of meat, and I’ll tell ya I feel the same way most of the time. My sawed off midget legs don’t do me any good and I gotta work twice as hard as my huntin partner because he’s 6’ 4” so I feel your pain. Never stops me though. Pushing myself to the limits and beyond is what it’s all about and I can tell you feel the same. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us!

2019 Montana nonresident surplus elk licenses available May 6 - posted 7 months ago

Hey Brady. I’m really diggin’ all your videos. Thanks so much for putting those out. My question for you is can I buy just a non-res deer tag or do I have to buy the combo elk/deer tags? Thanks!

8 easy ways to improve your glassing sessions - posted 1 year ago

Solid advice. Most of it I’ve known for a while. Holding the brim of your hat while glassing is one I just learned from Steven Rinella a few months ago and when put to the test I was very surprised. A tripod is still much better though.