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8 easy ways to improve your glassing sessions - posted 4 months ago

Solid advice. Most of it I’ve known for a while. Holding the brim of your hat while glassing is one I just learned from Steven Rinella a few months ago and when put to the test I was very surprised. A tripod is still much better though.

Are you solo tough? - posted 4 months ago


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’ve been doing a few solo hunts lately and have been woken up by a bear right outside my tent. When you’re inside your sleeping bag with a bear sniffing you from inches away you start to feel like a human burrito and it’s not much fun. It is scary but the benefits are definitely there. I don’t like having to figure out who is gonna shoot first, telling people to stop being so loud, arguing about which way to go and on and on. Solo hunting allows me to do things exactly the way I want to and gives me great satisfaction when I’m successful.

In-state vs. out-of-state hunting - posted 4 months ago

Great article Josh. I’m from AZ as well and totally feel your pain regarding getting tags here as well as the issues deciding to hunt out of state. These have all played out in my mind but I too have thought it was out of reach. You may have inspired me to change my mind and go elsewhere. Thanks!

PS If you’re not on Powderhook you should check out the app. I think you’d enjoy it. It’s a great community for hunters and I’d really like to hear your thoughts and see your adventures shared there. Not enough local guys on there. Happy huntin!

Customers take Utah outfitter to court - posted 4 months ago

I’ve never hired a guide for a hunt but I’ve considered it. How do I best avoid getting scammed or losing money to a guide who can’t or won’t refund money?