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Colorado Big Game Unit 24 - posted 1 year ago

Thanks. I was thinking about drawing this as my 2nd choice and then buying the point. Is that possible?

Colorado Big Game Unit 24 - posted 1 year ago

Any thoughts why it's tough for non resident archery and muzzleloader for this unit, but super easy for the 1st rifle season? I have zero points and am looking for a unit to draw a first rifle tag with two other buddies in 2019. Thinking this one (and the other areas it includes) would be a good idea.

Would love to hear what folks think.

Day One — The 12 Days of INSIDER giveaway — One Vortex Razor HD 12x50 binocular - posted 1 year ago

These would go really nice with the BRO hat and call I bought today using my gift card for my insider subscription. Thanks BRO, thanks GoHunt - y'all are good people.