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Backcountry first aid kit - the essentials - posted 6 months ago

ZipStitch is a great product for those larger cuts, but not the cuts that need Quik Clot.

Backcountry meals that aren’t Mountain House - posted 7 months ago

I have tried some of these as well and they are good. My go to now is Packit Gourmet. I have tried most of everything they produce and it is all fantastic.

Two Canadian men guilty of hunting license fraud - posted 8 months ago

Until the states get serious about poaching/fraud like this and put people in jail for 3-6 months a pop, it will continue to happen. In this case they just figured if we get caught we just have to pay what we would have had to pay if we somehow could have gotten drawn for the tags. Lame...

Planning your 2019 archery elk hunt by using the moon and equinox - posted 8 months ago

Yesssss! I am hunting the week of the first option. Glad to read this and get some extra confidence on my first ever archery backpack elk hunt.

Oregon outlaws coyote killing contests - posted 9 months ago

I understand the premise behind this, but I don't like the legislature taking action instead of the Fish and Wildlife agency. If there is a scientific reason for taking away a management tool it should come from ODFW. I have never competed in any contest like this and probably never will, but this will have an impact on the coyote population. This is a similar situation, but not as ridiculous as the Mountain lion hunting ban in CA. You cannot have the North American conservation model working while removing an apex predator from the model. Legislation on wildlife based on emotion is what both of these laws are rooted in. Again I don't even hunt coyotes so no skin in this game, but I don't like emotions driving legislation.