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Montana Big Game Unit 448 - posted 1 year ago

just hunted this unit. No grizzlies from according to everyone I spoke to. However, not many elk either. I would not recommend this unit. I saw a 4x4 and a spike in 12 days of bow hunting. To easy of access and too many atv's. I concentrated on areas that were walk in or horse only. Saw sign, but couldn't scare up an elk. I passed on the spike at 15 yards....

Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

I agree with you, Gary. Elk tag this year in Montana cost me over 1000 dollars. That doesn't include the diesel for the scouting trip and now the return hunting trip. I'll have well over 3000 dollars by the time it is all finished. Of course, I may not have any meat either!!!!!!!

Arizona Big Game Unit 3C - posted 2 years ago

Where are the draw odds?

Montana senator guilty of poaching whitetail deer on private land - posted 3 years ago

I would figure him to be Democrat!!!!!

inSIGHTS - Nevada draw odds now LIVE! - posted 3 years ago

Doesn't seem to work for me. I put in Nevada and select any species and hit results and it just sits and spins....